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Cryptocurrencies have already recovered from last weekend’s crash

Tiene 26 Vistas  2017-09-07 21:26
When cryptocurrency markets crashed 20% a few days ago, I wrote "the next day or so will tell us if this was a temporary bump in the road or the start of the next major correction."

Well here we are, a day or so later. And the temporary crash seems to have just been bump in the road. The entire market cap of cryptocurrencies is up 16% from a low of $ 135B yesterday to $ 162B today.

Bitcoin is back $ 4,600, which is about 13% higher than yesterday. Ethereum is trading at $ 333, which is 16% higher than the low it hit earlier this week.

Checking the chart below shows that results are pretty similar across the board. Most currencies are up double digits over the last 24 hours, bringing them close to where they were before the weekend's crash.

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