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  • Hello, so i had high ping in a game and when i contacted support i got this .. why is there so many devices there ? does that mean my network is hacked ? and i am using an ethernet cable why did he say i use wifi ? i want someone to explain what he said so i can fix the problem , also I called my
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  • Hi As you might know when you open safari in first and main page under browser line you can see some sites and browsers logos . For instance like "apple" - "google" - "bing" - Or any website you've decided to be there as shortcut. But now after resetting my iphon
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  • Hello, So I just bought a new MSI gaming laptop while I am deployed and the download speeds seem really slow. I have a friend that I play with that is also with me and although we only have wifi his speeds are around 30-40mbps while I am sitting at about 40-60kbps. I have turned off all back
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  • Hello, I just factory reset my Sprint note 5 because my android messages app was not receiving texts other then group texts. The only way that I was receiving texts was from google voice which took over my messages and phone calls and screwed everything up. I have not found a singl
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  • YouTube today is rolling out several features to make itself more appealing to live streamers, including video game streamers, as the battle with rivals like Amazon's Twitch and Microsoft's Mixer continues. Most notably, YouTube will now allow iPhone users to stream directly from their phone's
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  • When cryptocurrency markets crashed 20% a few days ago, I wrote "the next day or so will tell us if this was a temporary bump in the road or the start of the next major correction." Well here we are, a day or so later. And the temporary crash seems to have just been bump in th
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  • Get a pair of boots customized when necessary. If you have high arches or wear custom footbeds in other athletic footwear, you might want extra assist. Ask your fitter about customization types. One inexpensive option always be green Superfeet footbeds. Intensive testing . made for winter athleti
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  • Then in 1938 he met Sue Carol. Sue had liked what she'd heard of Alan on his or her radio. She called him and told him to by her office, as he did she found something else to just as. For hitters who make use of a wrist roll, in order to get the hands carry out correctly, using word pictures, we
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  • Hammer Toes Causes Symptoms

    Overview A Hammer toes or contracted toe is a deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second, third, or fourth toe causing it to be permanently bent, resembling a hammer. Mallet toe is a similar condition affecting the distal interphalangeal joint. Claw toe is another similar con
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  • Research also called family destination. Are you going on a road trip this holiday? Let your kids help plan your vacation by flipping through travel books or searching just for fun roadside stops along method. Since we're on the topic of pricey shorts I'll share a little story with you. I recently
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